Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Flowers are forever

There is something about the January Sky - it is blue and fluffy white clouds drift gracefully by. In the afternoon the clouds turn grey and rain seems to be on the way. Sometimes the grey clouds are blown over and blue skies appear again. Flowers in West Coast Park have that same kind of transient existence. They come and go. I come and go over and over again to these parks of ours in Singapore and the more I go into these natural surroundings, the less I wish to step into a shopping mall.

Hibiscus flower
Heliconia rostrata

Tree variety at West Coast Park.
Heliconia specie.
Fragrant flower of the Cannonball Tree.

Spider Lilies.

Ixora flowers.

Branches of the Kapok Tree.
Canna flowers.
A pretty flowering shrub -Plumbago, I think.

Tree conference.

Kapok Tree rejuvenating.
Hibiscus specie.
Fallen flower of the Putat Laut Tree.

West Coast Clouds.

The sky has no limits.
Lazy flower.

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