Monday, 21 January 2013

Dairy Farm Nature Park

 Last Sunday morning, I went to Dairy Farm Nature Park with my husband to fulfil his quest to photograph as many varieties of insects as possible. We took a nature trail walking part of the way between carpark A and carpark B (map below). Although I am the insect-spotter and he, the insect photographer who was armed with a more superior camera than mine, I had a great time in the cool weather encountering nature's creatures and plants in quiet and peaceful surroundings. 
It was the first time that we saw the rugged rock face of a former quarry and cyclists who took the trail stopped to rest in the open space before continuing their journey in the nature park. The path was muddy because of the heavy rains the day before. In the earlier part of our walk from Carpark A, the trail was pleasant and untouched, something I was grateful for because my greatest fear is that when I return in future, the vegetation will be cut and trimmed in the name of neatness. 

The photos below are not in sequence. Just enjoy the rewards that nature gave me for my love and happiness to spend time with it than to be seen in the shopping malls or food courts. I saw monkeys on the roof having family time, brightly-coloured flowers, a squirrel, insects that no one other than people like us would bother to look at, let alone take photos of. 

I saw a small snail on a leaf and for the first time I observed it with more attention than I had ever given any snail previously. My perception of this small creature changed because of a book titled "The sound of a wild snail eating" by Elisabeth Bailey. Read it if you can. 

Meanwhile, enjoy the nature that I had encountered in my Sunday morning walk:
 Dairy Farm quarry.
A cricket that had a prey in its mouth.

What a cicada discarded.
A kind of butterfly tree with pale yellow flowers that I have not see before.
I wonder if people do rock-climbing here.
Pretty patterns on the wings of this butterfly.
Dilenia suffruticosa

A moth pretending to be something else.
Not a leaf, not an insect. What is it?
A baby cricket perched on one of the flowers.
Family outing.
flower of the lipstick tree.
Bauhinia galpinii (Red butterfly tree, South Africa)
Don't move so much.
A snail cannot see and cannot hear.
You will never see such a fly in your house.
Pose for a picture.
Ipomoea ticolour (Wedding bells)
Black birds far away.
Well-fed squirrel.
A tired ant.
Wedding bells again.
A damsel fly taking a break.
Common cricket.
Another type of cricket.
Grasshopper or cricket, it looks ready for battle.
The butterfly tree flowers again.
Let the vegetation sprawl.
Beautiful passion flowers on a fence, a good end to a nature walk.

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