Monday, 7 January 2013

Trail outside Dairy Farm Nature Park

On a hot Sunday morning, this trail linking the entrance to the Dairy Farm Nature Park to the MOE Adventure Centre was almost deserted giving us a wonderful sense of peace to hunt for tiny insects. Given the abundant greenery and variety in vegetation it was easy to get distracted from our objective to photograph flowers and plants around us because insects provide the challenge that tests our eyesight and patience to the hilt. Still, I managed to photograph some insects that emerged later in the morning as I guess insects are either late risers or do not like to run the danger of getting their wings wet. See how I passed 3 hours last Sunday morning along a short nature trail.

Canna flower.

Unusual fruit.
Attractive caterpillars.

Jewel-like spider.

Tiny flowers.
Next time we will explore this trail.
Mean-looking wasp.
Fungi hidden from view.
Banana for the monkeys.
Mimosa or touch-me-not.

Seed pods that have burst open to ensure the survival of the specie.
Cousin of the previous spider.
This spider is waiting for its breakfast to land on its web.

There is a baby cricket next to the flower.
This spider came out for a picture to be taken.

This fly looks aggressive.
Just minding my own business.

Banana leaf art.
Tall grass.

Beetle out for a spot of sun bathing.

Ginger specie.
Cat's tail.

Insects can be so pretty.

Impressive pattern on a spider.
What are you?


The last spider spotted.


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